Summer wines, TV theme songs, Helsinki Summit Wine, and Other Notes on a Wine Card.

I’ve got some great summer wines for this Friday’s Wine Tasting.  To paraphrase someone – I don’t see why this wouldn’t be a great wine tasting.  Check out the wines later on in this blog.

Speaking of double negatives… I think the perfect wine for the Helsinki Summit would have been a wine that exhibits impeccably peachy, and minty notes. In short, a wine that is impeachminty.  Use whatever words you need to describe a wine, that is my rule.

The Best Winemaker in California? Boorish Wine Snobs, Wine Shortages and other Notes on a Wine Card

Who’s the best winemaker in California? That’s a tough question to answer, I do have a list of my favorite winemakers, but it is tough for me to pick my favorite of the bunch. I will say that after sitting down to lunch with Bibiana González Rave Pisoni and tasting through her incredible lineup of wines, she is in the running for the top spot in my book!