Women’s History Month, Give Ups For Lent, A Little Bit Alexis, One of the Rarest Wine Grapes, and Other Notes on a Wine Card.

This week at The Tasting Room I will be honoring women in the wine industry by featuring four wines made or owned by women.  I’ve had the pleasure of meeting two of the winemakers and have been in contact with another over the past year.  All three winemakers have a passion for the wines they produce and nurture.  You will notice this as soon as you taste the wines. I hope you will join me for this very special tasting.

The Best Winemaker in California? Boorish Wine Snobs, Wine Shortages and other Notes on a Wine Card

Who’s the best winemaker in California? That’s a tough question to answer, I do have a list of my favorite winemakers, but it is tough for me to pick my favorite of the bunch. I will say that after sitting down to lunch with Bibiana González Rave Pisoni and tasting through her incredible lineup of wines, she is in the running for the top spot in my book!