Drunk Birds, Wine Advent Calendar, Loves Me Some LeBron, and Other Notes on a Wine Card.

Remember the old Warner Bros Looney Tunes cartoon character “The Drunk Stork?”  The stork would deliver babies to the wrong household because he was inebriated.  Well, according to a story on NPR News, residents in Gilbert, Minnesota have been calling the police on rowdy drunk birds.  Yep, rowdy drunk birds.  Instead of birds saying “I tawt I taw a puddy tat,” the birds must be saying “I tawt I taw a pink elephant!”  What is making the birds fly into windows and cars and acting confused?  Overripe berries!  Yep, the same downfall to many a human is the cause for the disoriented birds.  So, don’t go Tippi Hedren on us, stay calm and have yourself a glass of wine in case you ever run into a flock of f#@$% upped seagulls!

Christmas will be upon us before we know it and if you are looking for a way to make the holidays go a little bit smoother and seem less hectic, there’s a Wine Advent Calendar with your name on it!  Behind 24 windows is a little 187ml bottle of wine. That’s equivalent to just under 6 bottles of wine. I remember when my son was a little toddler, he loved this special advent calendar we had and he would crawl from one of the room to the other just to check it out.  Hehe, this is one calendar that I would crawl across the room for too!  If you want to get in the Christmas spirit early, here’s the website for you to purchase your very own Wine Advent Calendar!

Department of Did You Know?  Did you know that the newest Laker superstar LeBron James is a huge wine geek?  He’s also pretty European when it comes to letting his children taste some wine.  According to the Washington Post, LeBron says that he and his wife (but mostly him) let their two oldest children have a little bit of wine with them at dinner.  My son has a taste every now and then but he isn’t a fan of wine.  He used to swirl his glass of juice or water though at the dinner table!  I haven’t been a Laker fan for some time now, but I think I’ll start following number 23 of the Lakers from now on.  Loves me some LeBron!

Department of What I’m Drinking This Week.  The last few nights I’ve been sipping on the most delicious vermut (vermouth) I have ever tasted!  The Lustau Vermut Blanco is made with a crisp, dry Fino Sherry and a sweet, floral Moscatel.  The wines are infused with wormwood, marjoram, rosemary, gentian, orange peel and camomile.  It’s a wonderful vermut with a complex and extraordinary taste.  Floral, citrus, and herbal notes all culminating in a nutty, bitter finish.  I was not a vermouth fan before I tasted this vermut but now I am completely won over!  Try this over ice by itself, you will love it!  We have it in the shop at $24.99 along with the red version.

Here’s What I’m Also Drinking This Week Part Two:

Botijo Blanco Garnacha Blanca, IGP Valdejalon Spain 2017  $14.99  One of the best grenache blancs I’ve tasted in quite a long time!
Lucky Rock Pinot Noir County Cuvee, San Benito/Sonoma/Monterey 2017  $19.99  Stop looking for a fantastic tasting pinot noir under 20 bucks, here it is!
Seghesio Barolo 2013  $38.99  91 Points Vinous  From one of the best vintages in recent memory comes this gorgeously elegant wine.  An Italian classic!  
Eight Years In The Desert California Red Wine 2017  $49.99  Eight years after selling “The Prisoner” Dave Phinney has released this zinfandel/petite sirah/syrah blend.  Let’s see if he can capture lightning in a bottle again! 
Department of Last Word:  I saw a sign the other day – “Wine is the epidural of motherhood.”

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