The Emmy’s Official Wine, All the President’s Men, Weed Spectator, What I’m Drinking This Week, and Other Notes on a Wine Card.

The 2018 Emmy Awards are just around the corner and they just announced the official wines for the Emmy Awards show – Sterling Winery.  I guess the lack of creativity and originality in Hollywood isn’t solely limited to the production side.  I get it, the winery with the most bucks gets to be the official winery.  It’s just boring to me that with all the great wine we have here in California, the Emmy’s pick a ho hum winery that has been owned in the past by Coca Cola, Seagrams, and now Treasury Wine Estates.  Talk about a vast wasteland!

Forty-two years ago the movie “All the President’s Men” was released.  It detailed the hard work and reporting on the Watergate scandal by Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward.  I have the dvd at home and plan to watch it with my teenage son.  It’s amazing how relevant the movie still is after all these years.

The publisher of Wine Spectator magazine is filing a lawsuit against the owners of Weed Spectator.  Wine Spectator is a respected magazine that rates wines on a 100 point scale and also includes news and profiles on the wine industry.  Weed Spectator does the same for the cannabis industry via their webpage and social media pages. I wonder if Jeff Sessions will be reading Weed Spectator.  Oh wait, I forgot his famous quote about pot smoking – that he thought that members of the Ku Klux Klan “were OK until I found out they smoked pot.” I also wonder if Cheech and Chong will be roving reporters for Weed Spectator.  “It’s me, Dave. Open up, man, I got the stuff.”  “Dave’s not here!”

Speaking of weed…the DEA has a list of nicknames for marijuana.  Some of my favorite nicknames include: dinky dow, lime pillows, smoochy poochy, and train wreck.  See the list here at Rolling Stone.

Who I’m raising my glass to this week:  Rob Tibbetts, father of Mollie Tibbetts, Bob Woodward, Meghan McCain, UCLA freshman running back Kazmeir Allen (1:32 mark of video for his touchdown run, and Bubble Tap Trailer!

What I’m enjoying this week – especially for the hot days coming up:

Xavier Reverchon Cremant Du Jura Brut NV   $26.99 

An excellent sparkling wine from France.  As good as champagne but at half the price!

Colle di Giove Montefalco Bianco 2015   $13.99

Interesting white wine from the Umbria region of Italy!

Rebholz Pinot Blanc, Pfalz 2017   $24.99

This German pinot blanc has depth, character, and loads of minerality!

Riverbench Chardonnay, Santa Maria Valley 2016   $27.99

Clarrisa Nagy is the winemaker and she does an outstanding job with this supple chardonnay.



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