Crazy 8’s, Who I’m Raising My Glass To This Week, Enter The Dragon, California’s Most Expensive Wines, and Other Notes on a Wine Card.

Wow, what a crazy week it’s been already.  The number 8 was so prominent on Tuesday.  Got me to thinking about wines with the number 8 in the name and here’s what I came up with: Cellar No. 8 (no, not Cell #8), Cult of 8 (as in cultivating grapes or sources), DV8 (hmmmm…. deviate from the truth?), R8 Wine Co (approval R8ings historical low).  Let’s do an 8 clap now and drink some wine!

Two movies with the number 8 in the title came to mind and seem to fit into the current chain of events in my warped mind…. 8 Heads in a Duffel Bag and Eight Men Out.

Did you know that the Bruce Lee landmark movie Enter the Dragon is 45 years old this month? It premiered in August 1973, the first martial arts film produced by an American studio – Warner Bros. Sadly, Bruce Lee died a month before the film debuted.  My wine mentor and good friend, Dore Kraus was a huge fan of Bruce Lee and I believe he trained under one of Bruce Lee’s original martial arts trainers. Check out the NPR story here Enter the Dragon turns 45

Can you guess which California wine is the most expensive in 2018?  It might be what you think and then again it might not be.  It’s Screaming Eagle of course, but it’s not the cabernet sauvignon.  It is their sauvignon blanc and it is the world’s most expensive sauvignon blanc at $6,421 per bottle.  YIKES! Sounds like a wine Paul Manafort would have purchased!  Check out the rest of the top ten list here California’s Most Expensive Wines

Speaking of Screaming Eagle, King James (LeBron James of the LA Lakers) recently had a $4k wine splurge that included a Screaming Eagle Cabernet Sauvignon.  Check out the rest of the King’s choice of wines that night here King James Wine Night.

What I’m loving lately:  I’ve been loving the El Lugar Pinot Noir Blanc, Greengate Ranch Edna Valley 2017.  $24.99  It’s not a Pinot Blanc.  It is a white wine made from the red Pinot Noir grape, hence Pinot Noir Blanc.  Such a lovely wine. It has the mouthfeel of a rich white wine yet there is vibrancy and citrus notes on the beautiful finish.  Coby Parker-Garcia is one of the best winemakers in the Central Coast, a down to earth guy, and a good friend of mine. Don’t miss out on this wine as only 125 cases were made.  We have 3 cases in the shop right now so run and get some!

Who I’m raising a glass to this week:  Cheers to Al Delia better known as Big Al who hits dingers! His other nickname is Fredo Sauce!  See Big Al here I hit dingers.  Cheers to retired Navy Admiral William H. McRaven for standing up for honesty, character, and integrity while speaking out against those who suppress the “voices of criticism.”  Cheers to all the firefighters who have battled all the wildfires throughout the West.  Without their truly heroic efforts, many more lives would have been lost.

Here’s the wines I’m pouring this week… stop by and celebrate my birthday with me!

Brundl Mayer Gruner Veltliner 2017  $19.99

Olema Cotes de Provence Rosé 2017  $16.99  92 Points James Suckling

Pago de los Cappellanes Ribero de Duero Joven 2016  $20.99

Sparkman “Holler” Cabernet Sauvignon Columbia Valley 2015  $24.99



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