The Birth of Champagne, The Only Wine Glass You’ll Ever Need, DODGERS/giants, and Other Notes on a Wine Card

To celebrate the birthday of Champagne – it was August 8th – and National Pinot Noir Day which is August 18th, I am going to be pouring two outstanding Pinot Noir and two fabulous Champagnes.  Check out the wines I’ll be pouring at the end of the blog.

I know lots of people bitch and complain about living in California – I say go back east and leave this gorgeous state to the people who appreciate it! Well, as a public service, I will give those gripers a reason it is good to be living here in the Golden State.  California has the lowest rates (along with Texas) of wine excise taxes in the nation.  The rate is .20 per gallon.  Wine excise taxes are taxes levied by various states on wine vendors who produce, import or sell wine. States may also impose other taxes on wine.  The highest wine excise tax in the nation? Kentucky at $3.47 per gallon followed by Alaska at $2.50 per gallon.  Take that California haters!

According to a recent Gallup Poll, Americans who drink alcohol choose beer (42%) over wine (34%) and liquor (19%).  What’s wrong with you people? Beer over wine? REALLY? I guess the people who were polled have never been to The Tasting Room!

According to Jancis Robinson – noted wine critic and journalist – this is the one and only wine glass you will ever need to use!  It is supposed to be versatile enough to use for drinking Champagne, red and white wines, ports, and sherries.  Wow!  At $56 per glass, you better take very good care of it!  Check it out here The Only Wine Glass You Will Ever Need

School is back in session for those living in the Pasadena Unified School District.  As we get older, we tend to forget how exciting school can be for an 8th grader.  I also had forgotten how school can at times be stressful.  Last night I spent an hour helping my son work on his push-up form.  The next morning in PE, they were going to have a push-up session. Far be it for me to be an expert on push-ups, I couldn’t do one my entire grade school career!  Yet, with the help of the internet – I found a video that helped him improve his form – we managed and made a stressful time become a fun time together.  It’s those times that make being a dad the best job in the world.

The greatest rivalry in all of sports isn’t Yankees/Red Sox, nor is it Packers/Bears.  It is the Dodgers/giants and if you saw last night’s game you would see it is still going very strong!  I just loves me Yasiel Puig and all the excitement and passion that he brings to the game.  He wasn’t going to let some chump named Nick Hundley berate him in his own house!  Check out the brouhaha here Puig puts Hundley in his place!

WTF??!!!  What the hell am I tasting?  You might ask yourself that every now and then when tasting a wine.  Chances are if you tasted a Monastrell (Mourvedre) from the Central Coast lately, you along with others didn’t know you weren’t drinking Monastrell.  According to an article in the San Francisco Chronicle by Esther Mobley, the grape thought to be Monastrell was actually Graciano – a grape varietal from Spain! Read the very interesting article here Mislabeled wines cause stir among wineries

Here’s the lineup for this week’s tasting…..

Happy Birthday Champagne and Happy National Pinot Noir Day!

Lanson Black Label Brut NV  $39.99  91 Points Wine Spectator

Jacques Copinet Marie Ettienne Brut NV Blanc de Blanc   $49.99

Marchand Tawes Bourgogne 2015   $29.99

Rusack Pinot Noir, Santa Barbara County 2014  $29.99  89 Points Vinous

Last word:  The Top quotes from “The Office”  “I feel like all my kids grew up, and then they married each other. It’s every parent’s dream.”   Michael Scott at the wedding of Dwight and Angela.




  1. Hi Gus! I loved your delightful description of how much fun you are having being a Dad!   Thank you for sharing! Gratefully yours, Tamia


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