Farewell Carl Kasell. All Wines Considered. Notes on a Wine Card

“From National Public Radio News in Washington, I’m Carl Kasell.” Those words were part of my mornings for so many years.  The other day, Carl Kasell passed away from complications of Alzheimer’s disease.  The former host of Morning Edition, Bob Edwards, would introduce Carl with a simple “The news is next.” Carl would then come on and give us the best 9 minutes of news on the radio.  He retired from Morning Edition in 2009 but continued his gig on the news quiz show “Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me” as the official judge and scorekeeper of that program.  He retired in 2014.  He would end his newscasts with the simple line “I’m Carl Kasell, NPR News in Washington.”  He will be sorely missed by all those who enjoyed his quiet, dignified style and his wonderful sense of humor. God bless you Carl and thank you.

One of the gags on “Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me” show was Carl recording the answering machine greeting for winners of the contests in the show.  Sometimes he would sing songs such as  “What’s New Pussycat?” or “I’m Your Boogie Man” on the answering machine greeting. They were hilarious bits. If you want to hear some of the greetings he recorded for the contest winners, click on the following link for a wonderful tribute to Carl from NPR.  NPR Tribute to Carl Kasell

As a tribute to Carl, this week’s wine tasting will be entitled “All Wines Considered.”  Carl joined NPR in 1975 as a news announcer for “Weekend All Things Considered.”

Here’s the lineup for the All Wines Considered Tasting….

Denis & Didier Berthollier Chignin 2015  $19.99  Ever tasted a wine made from the Jacquere grape?  Now’s your chance!

Terenzuola Vermentino Vigne Basse, Colli Di Luni 2016  $18.99  There are magnificent white wines from Italy other than Pinot Grigio.  Vermentino is one of them!

Vina Saturnia Crianza, Rioja 2014  $17.99  A great tempranillo at a great price!

Sebastien Blachon Premiere, Saint-Joseph 2015  $41.99  Syrah as it should be!


Bloomberg recently had an article on French wines and suggested trying wines from five lesser known regions.  One of the regions mentioned was Saint-Joseph where you can get some exceptional wines that aren’t as expensive as the wines from nearby Northern Rhone Valley regions such as Hermitage or Côte-Rôtie.  The Sebastien Blachon Premiere Saint-Joseph in our tasting this week is a perfect example of the great wines coming out of this lesser known region.

People are always asking me for the best way to preserve leftover wine.  First of all, I ask them what is leftover wine?  Well, I hear there is a product on the market that will prolong and preserve your uncorked wine. It’s called a Wine Condom.  Yep, a Wine Condom. As their website says – Screw the Cork, Use a Condom.  It comes in a foil wrapper just like the traditional condoms used for ahem, other purposes. I have never used a Wine Condom myself, but I will give it a go as I am one that likes to research all matters wine!  Here’s a link to the official website  Wine Condoms  Talk about Pinot envy.

I just might open a bottle of Petrus this week at the Tasting Room.  Ok, let me clarify.  It would be a bottle of Petrus Lambertini which is a blended red wine from Bordeaux that sells for about $14.   It currently is in a legal battle with Chateau Petrus, the iconic Pomerol estate that sells its wine for $2,000 and up.  Chateau Petrus doesn’t want consumers to confuse the two wines. French courts have ruled in Petrus Lambertini’s favor but Chateau Petrus is going to appeal. Don’t you think they could just sit down over a bottle of wine and settle this? Stay tuned.

Mark the date for May 5th as I’m going to have a Cinco de Mayo Fiesta! at the Tasting Room. Enjoy all you can eat tacos along with guacamole and chips and all sorts of other tasty treats.  Food items from Vallarta Supermarkets brand new flagship store in Pasadena will be featured at the event.  I will pair up various wines with the food as well as have wine margaritas on hand to celebrate!  Go to my Upcoming Events page for more information.

Medical factoid: Did you know that 2-3 glasses of wine per day reduces your risk of giving a sh*%?

Lookalikes:  Stephen Colbert and Bob Saget.

Next week I’m thinking of having a “Pinot Noir In A Paper Cup” Tasting.  We’ll toast to the truth!



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