Everyday Wines, Everyday People – Notes on a Wine Card


Does Spanky and Our Gang refer to a) comedy short films from the 1920’s to 1940’s featuring Spanky, Alfalfa, and Buckwheat or b) 1960’s pop group with several hits including Lazy Day and Sunday Will Never Be The Same, or c) what Trump’s Cabinet members are calling themselves nowadays.

This week’s wines are everyday wines at everyday prices. Another suggestion in the wine  tasting suggestion box from Heather M.

Does anyone remember Sly & The Family Stone and their hit “Everyday People?”  What other song has scooby dooby do in the lyrics?  And don’t say Frank Sinatra’s Stranger’s in the Night because the words in that one are dooby dooby do.

Here’s the lineup for the Everyday Wines, Everyday People Tasting….

Jackhammer Chardonnay, Monterey County 2015  $8.99

Honoro Vera Garnacha, Calatayud Spain 2016  $12.99

The Velvet Devil Merlot, Washington 2015  $11.99

Auspicion Mystic Red, California 2015  $9.99

Speaking of the Velvet Devil, does anyone remember Mel Torme‘s nickname? Mel will forever be remembered for composing the music and co-writing the lyrics to “The Christmas Song.” His nickname was The Velvet Fog.

And I will be honest with you all… I was going to make a reference to Jackhammer Chardonnay and to the Peter Gabriel song of the same name.  Then I remembered the Peter Gabriel song was Sledgehammer.  NO…. I haven’t been drinking wine while writing this blog.

A new vintage of a wine that has been one of my favorites throughout the years is back in the shop this week and I wouldn’t delay in getting a bottle because this wine always sells out fast!  It is the Stolpman La Cuadrilla Red Wine 2016.  A gorgeous blend of Syrah, Sangiovese, and Grenache that shows off red plum notes and dark berry fruit. These wines are always balanced with well integrated tannins, power that is refined and restrained, and a long savory finish.

Check out the labels above as every year the label is different.  My favorite label was from a couple of vintages ago with the owner, Tom Stolpman, dressed up in a mariachi outfit.

Another thing I like about the La Cuadrilla wines is that the net profits go to the vineyard crew of Stolpman Vineyards.  Kudos to Stolpman for doing such a noble deed!

Don’t miss out on the My Dinner with Andrea wine event that is coming up Saturday, April 7th.  Andrea Contucci will be our guest as we taste through the latest vintages of Contucci Wines while we feast on meatballs in tomato sauce and lasagne with mushrooms. The Contucci family has been making wine for over 1000 years!  There are only 7 tickets left so scoop them up fast if you want to attend this very special event at The Tasting Room

If you want to meet Andrea Contucci just tab over to the Upcoming Events page of this blog and click on the link to purchase tickets to the event.

How’s everyone’s March Madness brackets going?  My final four was Arizona (gone), Gonzaga (gone gone), Kansas (still in), and Villanova (still in).  I’m rooting for Nova but Loyola Chicago is tugging at my heart strings.

Opening day in Major League Baseball is tomorrow and I am so excited!  My son is going to the Dodgers opener against the hated Giants. You know hope springs eternal in every baseball fan, so I will be rooting for my White Sox even though they have no chance at all this year.

Anyone catch the World Championships of Cornhole from Las Vegas on ESPN over the weekend?  I think Christopher Guest could do a great mockumentary on that event… it must have been a slow sports weekend for ESPN to televise that sporting event – and I use that term very loosely!

Coming up in May…Cinco de Mayo Fiesta at The Tasting Room.  Indulge on various food items from the brand new Vallarta Markets in Pasadena paired with wines that I personally select. The Vallarta Market is Pasadena is their flagship store and I advise that you visit it.  It is spectacular!



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