Smoking in the Tasting Room. Notes on a Wine Card



Tobacco evil. Tobacco and cigar notes in a wine, good. Several regulars at The Tasting Room have asked for wines that exhibit smoky/cigar/tobacco flavors.  Your wish is my command. Check out the lineup further down. We will have some fun and do the tasting blind!

March Madness is here! Ahem cough cough… I guess you can say it’s been here since inauguration day of January 2017.

The REAL March Madness (not the fake madness) has me flabbergasted. My brackets are all screwed up. I still have a chance with my Gonzaga vs Villanova final. However, Loyola of Chicago will always have a chance especially with Sister Jean rooting and praying for them!

You might like wine a little too much if the first thing on your bucket list to to fill up the bucket with wine!

Anyone like Jacques Pepin as much as I do? His cookbook “Fast Food My Way” is excellent and the recipes are very easy and fast! The poached tilapia with herbed cream sauce is delicioso!

My 12 year old son is in New York City during this doozy of a snowstorm. He walked to Central Park – about a five minute walk from the hotel – and told me his face hurt from the extreme cold. That reminded me of why I moved from Chicago to sunny California. I didn’t like my face hurting so much! Of course, my dear friends back then told me my face was killing them.

I met with Joshua Klapper, winemaker/owner of Timbre Winery this past Tuesday.  Joshua is making some killer wines up in the Central Coast. He has a tasting room in Arroyo Grande.  His Stereophonic Riesling is probably the best domestic riesling I’ve tasted.  He is known for his chardonnay and pinot noir that he handcrafts. Truly superb wines at very good prices.  Keep an eye out for the wines as we will bring them into The Bottle Shop in the very near future.

Look a likes: Oakland Raider head coach Jon Gruden and horror film character Chucky. Check out the pic and tell me there isn’t a resemblance.

Jon Gruden Chucky

Here’s the lineup for the Thursday & Friday Tasting:

Mallea Grenache, Santa Barbara County 2015  $24.99

Circus Bear Red Wine, Roussillon 2014  $16.99

The Pundit Syrah, Columbia Valley 2015  $24.99

Cigar Zinfandel, Lodi 2016  $19.99

It’s going to be raining most of Thursday and Friday, so why not join me and taste the above wines blindly, let’s see if you can pick out the wines that have notes of tobacco, cigar, and smoke. Cough cough….

Only 3 spots left for left for Sip & Stroke this Saturday.  Learn to paint Monet’s Wisteria, dine on French food, sip French wine, listen to Edith Piaf and others, and live la belle vie! Buy your tickets now $85 per person by clicking here….  Sip and Stroke Tickets

Last word of the day: “I want to sing like the birds sing, not worrying about who hears or what they think.”  – Rumi



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