Warm your cockles with wine…


Notes on a Wine Card:

It is going to be cold this week (cold for Southern California standards that is!) There’s a chance of rain on Thursday and on Friday the low will be 35 degrees! I will be pouring some big red wines that will warm your cockles. Now, before you start screaming at me, cockles refers to the depths of one’s emotions or feelings as in she warmed the cockles of his heart. So don’t expect me to bring a cockle warmer from home, I will just be pouring wine.

Here’s the lineup of Petite Sirahs that I will be pouring: Aaron Petite Sirah, Paso Robles 2013  $42.99, The Terraces Petite Sirah, Napa Valley 2014  $39.99, and the Stags Leap Petite Sirah, Napa Valley 2014  $39.99

As you know, I love Petite Sirah.  They are big brooding wines that are meant to be savored in front of a fireplace. We don’t have a fireplace at The Tasting Room, will you all settle for a fireplace scene up on the TV screen?

Music to listen to while sitting by the fireplace sipping petite sirah….. Delicate by Joey Fehrenbach.

I read an article over the weekend in The Washington Post about a rare copy of the Declaration of Independence that survived the Civil War hidden behind wallpaper and later tossed in a box. Years later it was stuck behind a cabinet of an energy executive outside Houston. It was a rare copy of the Declaration of Independence, made in the 1820’s for James Madison.  Experts say it is the closest to the way the original Declaration looked when it was signed in 1776. The original Declaration is now so badly faded. Read the article here….Rare copy of Declaration of Independence

It’s funny that I saw this article this weekend because I saw the Nicolas Cage movie National Treasure over the weekend while recovering from that nasty flu. It’s a really fun movie from 2004 where Nicolas Cage’s character has to steal the original Declaration in order to save it from bad guys and to find a national treasure.  Sit down and watch it this weekend if you have time.

I had a good time at the Sierra Madre Library Wine & Cuisine Tasting last Friday at Alverno High School.  It was good to see so many patrons of The Bottle Shop and friends from throughout Sierra Madre.  Thanks to Tom and Melissa See and Melinda Carrillo for pouring wine while I was incapacitated. My taste buds were not working due to the medication I was taking for the flu.  Every wine I tasted that night had a metallic or tinny flavor. Oh boy, I can’t ever imagine going through life tasting wine like that!

Some studies show that red wine can be beneficial to your health in moderation of course.  I have to believe that hugs are beneficial to your health also.  While I was sick with the flu, I didn’t hug anyone at all.  When I finally did get a hug, it felt so good, I could feel the dopamine and oxytocin flowing through my body like an electric bolt! Reminded me of the children’s song Four Hugs a Day by Charlotte Diamond.  Listen to it here …. Four Hugs A Day

I had the Roasted Bone Marrow from Colette Cafe while attending the Sierra Madre Library Wine & Cuisine Tasting. It was magnificent!  I can’t wait to go eat at Colette Cafe and have a bigger portion of that tasty treat. I’m thinking a spicy, peppery syrah from Hermitage or Cornas in the Northern Rhone region of France. For a white wine, maybe a Gruner Veltliner would pair very well.


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