Notes on a wine card – Twin Sons of Different Mothers

This week I’m pouring four wines showcasing two different, but similar varietals, Pinot Noir and Sangiovese. Both varietals can range from bright cherry aromas to very earthy tones. I think both varietals are very sensual, they are also thin-skinned and both are similar in flavor and structure. If you want a wine with good acidity, balance, low tannins, and pairs well with all sorts of food, these two varietals are definitely twin sons of different mothers!

Speaking of twin sons of different mothers, does anyone remember the biggest hit from that album – The Power of Gold? Dan Fogelberg had a pretty good career, what happened to Tim Weisberg though? I had the album but I have no clue what happened to it along with most of my other albums, I must have given them away or thrown them out!

Valentine’s Day is coming up and one of the wines in the tasting this week would be a perfect gift for your loved one – Stolpman “Love You Bunches. The other wines I’ll be pouring are Alma de Cattleya Pinot Noir Sonoma County 2016, Colene Clemens Pinot Noir Dopp Creek Chehalem Mountain 2014, and Coltibuono Chianti Classico 2014.

So what music would you pair with pinot noir or sangiovese? I think anything by Roberta Flack/Donnie Hathaway or Sabrina Claudio would pair just perfectly!

Has anyone been to the new Vallarta Market in Pasadena? It’s my “go to” grocery store now. I’m planning a Vallarta Wine Pairing which will pair food items from Vallarta with wines selected by moi.  Freshly made corn and flour tortillas, a ceviche station, freshly custom made guacamole, and an astounding produce section are just some of the things that make Vallarta my favorite grocery store.

I know wine names can be on the X-rated side of things – If You See Kay Red Blend comes to mind – but I think cocktail names take the cake. The only one I can use here from a list I just reviewed would be Duck Fart. Just in case you don’t know what that is, it’s a layered shot with Kahlua on the bottom, Irish Cream in the middle, and Crown Royal Canadian Whiskey on top.

People are really getting creative with my new wine tasting placemat. Vince N. came up with this great doodle while enjoying the Blind Zin tasting last week. Just click on the pic of the placemat above and check out his artwork!

The Winter Olympics are starting up this week from PyeongChang, Korea. I’ll probably watch the opening ceremonies and very little else. I’m just not into the Olympics as I once was years ago when it used to be must see TV. If you’re going to have an Olympics party and decide to serve some Korean food, I would recommend a German riesling to go with Korean BBQ. A Txakoli from Spain goes well with Korean cuisine due to the high acidity. As for kimchi, if anyone has a suggestion, please send it to me!












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