What I would pour at “The Mooch Wine Tasting”

I was looking forward to hosting “The Mooch Wine Tasting” but alas “The Mooch” is no longer around. I heard he wants to spend more time with his family…..but I really can’t see his wife and newborn baby hanging out at the Bada Bing Club. I guess neither can the Mrs. since she has filed for divorce from The Mooch. The Mooch is selling his SkyBridge Capital firm for hundreds of millions and I’ve heard from reliable sources that The Mooch is requesting the sale proceeds in cash….specifically dollar bills. I guess the Bada Bing will be seeing alot of The Mooch in the next few weeks!

So…what wines are appropriate to pour at a wine tasting for The Mooch? Here’s some that I think would fit the bill….. or bills…..

And note to all…. these really are real wines…… I couldn’t make this stuff up…… geez haven’t we all said that lately!

If You See Kay – A red wine from Italy that is owned by Jayson Woodbridge – best known for producing the cult wine Hundred Acre. I figured The Mooch says this one alot!

Sofa King Bueno, Paso Robles 2015 – a red blend from Paso Robles made by Chronic Cellars. I didn’t get the title until my good friend Sal Medina over at Packing House Wine in Claremont told me to say the name three times really fast…… Sofa King Bueno! Hey! Bada Bing!

Fat Bastard Pinot Noir, Vin de Pays d’Oc 2013 – Yep… this one is a real wine too! Ironically, this is the nicest term The Mooch had for several people in the West Wing.

The Ball Buster Shiraz, Barossa Valley 2014 – YO! ANTHONY! I GOT YOUR BALL BUSTER RIGHT HERE!

There’s my lineup. What do you think? If you have any suggestions, send them to me at





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